Cataract surgery, using a temporal approach ph...

Sorry for the lack of posts recently!  My parents were in town and I got an iPad mini from work, so I was a bit… distracted.  Anyway, my goal from now on is to post at least three times a week to provide you guys with some premed goodness!

So, last week I also got to attend a session of the annual refractive and cataract surgery symposium in Park City because of my work.  It was awesome!  Physicians presented on complications they saw in cataract and glaucoma surgery and showed videos of their surgeries.  Not only was it informative, but it got me even more interested in medicine!  It’s too bad that not every premed student can attend these conferences!

Afterward, I asked the doctor I worked for when ophthalmology residents are allowed to start doing surgery.  He told me that basically, it depends on how good you are.  Not only that, but you don’t really know if you’re good at surgery until residency: for example, one resident a year above him couldn’t do surgery and it ended up being horrible for her and for the rest of her team.

His suggestion for deciding on a specialty was actually pretty funny–he said to fit yourself in a stereotype in medical school (much like the stereotypes of surgeons vs. internists you see on Scrubs) and that will actually be pretty accurate in determining which specialty you will feel comfortable in.  He also suggested to really make sure you will do well in surgery before deciding on a surgery specialty.

So, I guess I will be watching more Scrubs from now on! 😛