It’s hard to believe that 3 years of medical school have gone by and now it’s time for me to apply to residency.  I realize that I have not been active in blogging about my med school experiences, but I hope that now since 4th year has started, I will have more time to reminisce and share my perspective on medical school.

I just submitted my applications for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation residency yesterday.  I don’t remember feeling this stressed out when I was applying for medical school!  Checking every word and sentence and making sure there were no errors made me wish I paid more attention during English class.  However, in all actuality, ERAS has been updated to be very user friendly.  I personally thought that the physical process of applying was easier than applying for medical school.  On piece of advice–keep an updated CV throughout medical school so you don’t forget about experiences you did (also the dates your were involved and who supervised you), and maybe keep your old AMCAS application too so you can remember the dates and supervisors of your significant college experiences.  But anyway, now they’re in and all I can do is cross my fingers and hope that some program director will notice me in the flood of applications that they receive each year.