The Premed Prescription

Take this advice PRN, apply liberally.


Welcome to The Premed Prescription!  This blog contains tips not only for the general premed student, but in particular for BYU premed students.  During my journey through applying to schools, I found a lot of general advice on the internet, but not a lot of specific tips that helped me.  In this blog, I will try to be as specific as possible and will give my honest opinion on what I think will help you.

My Story

My name is David Eng, and I just graduated from Brigham Young University with a B.S. in Biochemistry and no minor.  I applied to medical school at the usual time during the summer after my junior year.  I had a 3.90 science GPA and a 3.93 overall GPA.  I took the MCAT on May 21st, and got a 37O.  I had over 60 hours of physician shadowing (family practitioner, orthopedic surgeon, cardiologist, radiologist, and allergist), and 6 months of volunteer experience in a hospital.  I also had numerous other volunteer activities and was involved extensively in research for two years although I did not have a publication.  I am listing my stats only so that you will get a picture of where I stood when I applied to med school.

I applied to 12 schools, mostly top tier ones with a few back-ups.  I thought I had it made. 12 months later, however, I was not accepted–I didn’t even get a single interview. 😥

The next year, I applied to 24 schools and had 10 interviews–9 of which were early in the interview cycle in August and September. I was accepted to 4 schools:  2 in the top 25, 1 mid-ranked, and the other unranked.  I decided to go to UT Southwestern in Dallas, TX.  It is one of only 23 schools that are ranked in the top 25% in both primary care and research.

In the following pages, I will discuss what helped me to succeed in my second round of applying and why I failed the first time around.  Hopefully it will help you to succeed where I had failed.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Way to go man!! Congrats!!! You really work hard and achieve your goal!! I’m really happy for you.. I so give you props on your Biochemistry major lol.. You will love it in med school…its’s awesome nothing to do with college itself but rather fun… 😉

  2. You know, when I read the words “Cougar Premed,” I had a completely different picture in my mind and thought it was an interesting name choice until I realized that Cougar was referring to your mascot! 😉

    You have some great posts about applying that I will definitely be linking on my blog. Looking forward to following you during the rest of your medical school career.

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